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About Us

Putting Clients First for Nearly 30 Years

Macaulay & Associates, LLC, was founded in 1990, when Mike Macaulay, Sr., left his position as a branch manager for a “wire house” to provide more personalized service to his clients. While holding his licenses at KMS Financial Services, Mike built his own firm on the principle of caring about our clients, their personal growth, and their long-term success.

Over the years, his son and daughter, Mike Jr. and Colleen, joined the business, expanding our reach to two offices in Washington State—Spokane and Seattle. While we have continued to grow and adapt to the changing financial industry, our commitment to our clients has never wavered. We remain centered on the idea of taking care of people, avoiding the noise of Wall Street, and rejecting proprietary products and cookie-cutter investment advice.

As that vision expands to future generations, Macaulay & Associates remains dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals through sound investment strategies and long-term financial guidance.